Why My Birth Philosophy Doesn’t Matter

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In the doula world, I see many websites that include a blurb on the doula’s “birth philosophy.” As a doula, I get it. You might be an activist or advocate who wants to weed out clients you may not “mesh” with. As a consumer, you certainly don’t want a doula who’s going to cast a judgmental eye over your request for an epidural. It seems almost win/win to share this information.

A doula’s job, however, is not to advocate for their own birth preferences or ideals. A doula’s job is to encourage you, the birthing woman, to empower yourself, to provide the education you desire to make an informed choice, and to offer unwavering, unbiased, nonjudgmental support. Only you know what’s best for you. My philosophy on birthing only applies to myself and my own births. My philosophy as a doula is this: It is your body, your birth, and your baby. I support you and your decisions without judgment.


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