Why Hire a Doula?

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Maybe you’ve decided between an obstetrician or a midwife, home or hospital, and now you’re considering hiring a doula.

“Is it worth the investment?”

“What do I really need a doula for, anyway?

“How will a doula support me?”

At Placerville Doula, we pride ourselves on building a unique relationship with you to meet you and support you where you are, without bias or judgment. But what does “meeting you where you are” look like? We decided to go straight to the source: our local community of mothers!

“Why did you hire a doula?”

Here’s what they said:

“It was my first and I just wanted some support and someone there who could help me with things like breathing and positioning. I also knew my husband would not really know how to help me and that would give him anxiety so I wanted him to be able to just be there and experience everything with me without the worry of trying to figure out how to help me.”

Placerville Doula works with families throughout their pregnancy to prepare them as best we can for their birth experience and maintain that cool, calm presence needed during labor and birth. We support partners in supporting their loved one giving birth, teaching them comfort measures and answering their questions. We don’t replace your partner, but work together to create the kind of support that’s right for you.

“As a single mom, I needed that extra support.”

For those laboring without partners, doulas are an excellent source of strength and support! Facing pregnancy, birth, and parenthood alone can be overwhelming; doulas instill confidence in you, meeting you right where you are and helping you discover your power.

One local mother who went on to become a doula herself said this:

“I wanted…the information I couldn’t get, or wouldn’t have time for at prenatal appointments (all of 15 minutes long), I wanted encouragement for the kind of birth I was planning, I wanted to know a single person in my delivery room, I wanted to have someone there who felt birth was a “normal” (albeit not easy) event in a woman’s life, who would help reassure me, keep me calm, remind me of the many goals I had discussed with her over the months. I wanted someone to teach me how to advocate for myself, coach me through an unmedicated birth, be there for me, come what may. She did all of that and more.”

Continuity of care is certainly one huge benefit of doula support. In many of our local hospitals, you get who is on-call, oftentimes an obstetrician you may have never met. Thankfully we have many wonderful care providers available to us, but it can be difficult to feel secure knowing no one in your delivery room. Enter: your doula. By building a foundation with you throughout your pregnancy, we establish a sense of safety, trust, and confidence between us and our clients, feelings that often make for a positive birth experience. We provide that unbiased, nonjudgmental support during your birth that magnifies just how powerful and amazing our clients are.

“I hired a doula to remind me that I am strong, that I am capable, and that I have the final say in my births.”

Doulas are amazing at facilitating an environment for our clients to utilize their voice and be as involved in the decision-making as possible during their birth. We support you in your choices and maintain positive relationships with local care providers in an effort to promote that sense of teamwork.

“I don’t think I could have made it through my natural childbirth without mine. She was so amazing.”

With our top-notch training in comfort measures and constantly maintaining current knowledge of birth information, Placerville Doula is an excellent choice for any labor scenario, from an elective cesarean birth to an unmedicated home birth and everything in between. We support our clients through inductions, planned or emergency cesareans, epidurals or other medication relief, unmedicated births, water births, and home births.

If we’ve piqued your interest and you’re wondering how a doula can support you, we’d love to show you! Give Placerville Doula a call at (530) 903-0337 or drop us a note today to set up a complimentary consultation.

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