Use Your BRAIN!

BRAIN, informed consent, informed choice, informed birth, childbirth education, use your brain, pregnancy, birth prep, placerville doulaOne of my favorite tips as a doula and birth educator is BRAIN, an awesome and easy-to-remember acronym that can help you get the
information you need to make an informed decision. It’s a short list of five questions to ask your care provider prior to making
an important decision.

What are the benefitsHow does this procedure benefit me? My baby? My labor?

What are the risks? How might this impact me in a negative way? My baby? My labor?

Are there any alternatives? Do we have other options?

What does my intuition say? What feelings do I have about this procedure?

What happens if we do nothing? Do we have time to wait? Can we delay this procedure while I think about it or discuss it with my partner?

Remember that you have the right to informed consent, and that you may refuse any intervention or procedure.

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