Raising Creativity | Suzi Lewis

Recently, I asked my sister Suzi to pen (type?) a blog to be featured here. Suzi and I are in very different places in our lives; while I feel like I’m eternally breastfeeding and wiping butts, she is a single mom raising a now 6th grader. I run my own small business; Suzi has worked in banking for nearly 20 years. Sometimes I think we could not be more different, and in other ways we’re like soul mates. My hope in this guest post (and in the guest posts that follow) is that we’ll be able to see our similarities rather than our differences, that we can see in these posts ourselves ten years down the road or reminisce to ten years ago. Thank you for taking the time, Suzi! 

I am caught in between two worlds. One is Corporate America, very past paced, and quite political and regimented. The other is a free spirited world where I can create and get lost in the madness of my thoughts and not be judged for it. Each day is a constant struggle for me and I find myself very tired at the end of it. I was skimming through Facebook one day and a friend of mine took a picture of her daughter sitting at the kitchen table working on her latest project of creating bookmarks to sell to friends. I congratulated my friend on raising her children with creativity and she said “likewise.” It was in that very moment that I realized how much of a struggle it is to raise a child like that. There is such beauty to their imagination and I can’t imagine not having a piece of her artwork on my wall. I can’t even remember a time where we have walked through a store and I have heard her say “Mom, can you buy me that for my wall?” She would much rather have me throw a bunch of paint together on a canvas and hang it up, imperfections and all. Yet, I’m also raising her in mainstream America and she is inundated with technology and rules and boundaries and I reel her in constantly to fit into this box that society tells me to tell her to live in. I realized how absolutely frustrating that must be for my daughter. I know, because I’m torn between two very different worlds. And I’m exhausted.

Read the rest of Suzi’s post here on her blog, “The Pursuit of Me”.

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