Honor Thy Placenta: 3 Things to Do with Your Placenta (Besides Eating It)

If you’re somewhere between “chop it up and chug it in a smoothie” and “chuck that thing in the incinerator ASAP” on the What to Do with Your Placenta spectrum, consider these ideas for ways to honor this incredible organ:

  1. Make art. Placenta prints are a common way to commemorate your baby’s birth. Some use the placenta’s own blood to make a print, while others use paint or ink to make a print of the “tree of life” on acid-free artist’s paper. placenta art, placenta print, placenta keepsake, placenta, birth, placerville doula, doula, birth, sacramento, sacramento doula
  2. Make jewelry. Beyond the Willow Tree is one company that turns your placenta into gorgeous, wearable pendants, rings, or earrings. Seriously. They are beautiful!
  3. Plant it. A beautiful way to honor the life-sustaining placenta is to plant it beneath a tree. The placenta decomposes in the soil, providing it’s nourishment one last time to a sapling that grows alongside your child. placenta, placenta encapsulation, plant your placenta, placerville doula, doula, birth, sacramento doula

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