Epidurals: 5 Ways A Doula Can Support You

Think doulas are only for the natural, grin-and-bear-it type of births? Think again! Here are five ways a doula can support you during your labor with an epidural:

  1. Positioning | Once your epidural is placed, your options for movement are limited. Your doula provides that extra set of hands, pillows, and peanut balls to help prop and position you for optimal comfort and labor progression. placerville doula, doulas and epidurals, doulas, doula, epidural, natural birth, natural childbirth, medicated birth, unmedicated birth, sacramento doula, placerville, cameron park doula, roseville doula, folsom doula, el dorado hills doula, el dorado county doula
  2. Comfort Measures | The process of getting an epidural is not often pleasant! While many find wonderful relief with their epidural, the insertion is not very comfortable, and sometimes epidurals don’t “take;” occasionally, additional pain management techniques are helpful even after administering an epidural. Your doula can also help set the stage in your birthing room by adjusting the lighting, temperature, and music.
  3. Supporting Your Partner | The administering of an epidural often signals a time of rest for the birthing person and their support team. Doulas provide a sense of reassurance to your partner, freeing them to eat, grab a quick coffee, make phone calls, or rest because they know their loved one is being tended to and cared for.
  4. Emotional Support | Emotions tend to run high during births! While your pain may be mostly relieved with an epidural, sometimes there are moments of fear or doubt along the way. Your doula is trained to support you emotionally through the birthing process, with or without an epidural. You can rest assured that your doula will support your choices in pain management without judgment or bias.
  5. Postpartum | Doulas remain with you throughout your birth and stay for a while after while you and your partner adjust to your new, sweet baby. Your doula helps facilitate bonding, breastfeeding, and makes sure you’re all set and comfortable before she heads out. There is also typically a postpartum visit within a few weeks of the birth of your baby where your doula will check in with you and can refer you to other postpartum resources as desired, regardless of your birthing method.

A doula’s support is invaluable for all kinds of births. If you’re interested in learning more about doula services, drop us a line at lindsay@placervilledoula.com or give us a call at (530) 903-0337.  We’d love to talk with you!

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