3 Tips for Writing an Effective Birth Plan

Have some birthing preferences you want to make clear to your care providers? Here’s how to get the point across easily and effectively.

  1. Research your hospital or birth center’s policies & standard procedures
    Spend a little time digging in to what is already standard at the place you’ll be delivering. You might find that some of your preferences are already considered standard practice and will save you some time later when writing up your requests. It’ll also help you to know what preferences you might need to dig your heels in with and be more firm about. For instance, it’s becoming more common in hospitals to delay cord clamping for a few moments, but is it your preference to wait until the cord turns white and stops pulsating? Call your hospital or birth center to find out their standard practices and check in with your obstetrician about your desires, too.placerville doula, birth doula placerville, birth doula sacramento, doulas of sacramento, sacramento doula, birth plan, placerville birth, marshall hospital doula, folsom doula, el dorado hills doula
  2. Use bullet points
    Bulleted lists are easy to follow and remember for the team of nurses and doctors supporting you (and likely several other patients, too!). Long, laborious paragraphs will likely get skimmed over. Keep your preferences concise and succinct. Embolden or underline the parts that are extra important, and don’t use a crazy font! Simplicity is key.
  3. Keep it to one page
    Some online printable birth plan templates are so incredibly lengthy, and once printed end up using several sheets of paper! These templates are a great resource for learning about your options, but are so unnecessary and burdensome for the staff supporting you. I often recommend utilizing them as a starting point for discovering your preferences, and then paring down significantly based on your hospital’s policies & standard procedures.

Need some support figuring out your options and preferences? I’m happy to help! Drop me a line today or give me a call at (530) 391-9188 to set up a birth plan consultation.

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