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4 Benefits of Wearing Your Baby

In honor of International Babywearing Week, I thought I’d share a few benefits of keeping those little ones close, especially in those first few months postpartum.

1. Calmer babies (and calmer mamas!) The first few months of your baby’s life is often referred to as “the fourth trimester“, a transition babywearing, placerville doula, international baby wearing week 2015, postpartum, placervillefrom life in the womb to life in the world. Babies are generally more content during this transition if they are close to their mama (as they have been for the last 9 months!), which makes the transition easier for parents, too.

2. Hands-free everything! While I always recommend resting as often as possible while you heal, eventually you’re going to want to get up and do something. Babywearing helps keep your baby close, safe, and happy while you venture out into other projects! Wear your baby while you vacuum or fold laundry, take a walk, or grocery shop (side note: it’s not recommended to put baby’s infant car seat on top of the shopping cart; they are not designed to lock in place there and it makes the cart off-balance, which could result in a devastating injury for your baby). Wearing your new baby is also fantastic if you have a toddler or older child; your hands are free to help them and your little one is happy!

3. Easy access to the breast. If you are breastfeeding, wearing your baby can provide a comfortable (and hands-free!) position for your baby to nurse. Simplicity depends upon your carrier, but breastfeeding while baby wearing can be achieved with soft structured carriers like the Ergobaby or the ever-lovely Tula (in almost any pattern imaginable; this one is called Bliss Bouquet), ring slings like the Sakura Bloom, or wraps like the stretchy Moby (perfect for newborns!) or the more durable woven wraps like Girasol or Didymos that will last into toddlerhood, and many more! There are several options on the market and Youtube is a great resource for learning to safely and comfortably breastfeed while baby wearing.

4. Smarter babies. Baby wearing allows your little one to be contentedly alongside you, watching the world, your facial expressions, your interactions with him or her and others. Babies who are worn close to their mothers or fathers learn how to listen and observe. They’re able to be quietly alert, noticing their surroundings and taking it all in.

What are your favorite reasons for wearing your baby?

This post includes some affiliate links for the awesome babywearing products I highly recommend. I hope you enjoy them, too!

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