10 Springtime Names for a Baby Girl

Springtime conjures up some beautiful ideas for naming a baby. If you’re due in spring and on the lookout for a floral, breezy name, take a look at our list! placerville doula, baby names, spring baby names, floral baby names, baby name ideas, sacramento doula, sacramento birth

May/June – springtime months with a classic feel

Posy – a flower name; a nickname for the more formal Josephine

Camellia  – a flower name, and the state flower of Alabama

Poppy – a spunky flower name, and the state flower of California

Rain – a refreshing, springy word name

Marigold – a flower; a symbol for the Virgin Mary

Chloe – “young, green shoot”; another name for Demeter, the Greek goddess of agriculture and fertility

Nouvelle – “new” in French

Iris – a flower name that also means “rainbow,” a beautiful choice for a spring chick!

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